Advanced Web Analytics

Once we have determined which web metrics software best suits your needs, we can setup, configure and analyse your data to gain valuable marketing insights about your visitors.

Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. By recording information, we can analyse simultaneous to quantify performance. We can use insights to to describe, predict, and improve visitor behavior to make informed decisions moving forward. From predictive analytics, decision management and retail analysis to visualising conversion rate analysis which has been segmented into specific regional data to identify a particular demographic and seasonal behavior by utilising algorithms and software which harness a combination of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. Whether there's a couple of things you'd like to analyse, or a big data campaign, we'll provide measurable insights about your visitors.

Analytics configuration

We setup goals to measure the success of all advanced analytic campaigns. By acquiring measurable web metrics, we can analyse data to monitor visitor behavior and make informed decisions.

Search Engine Optimization

Advanced segmentation

By deploying advanced segmentation, we can analyse interaction across various elements of your site to monitor specific metrics directly within an analytic report at the visit level.

Advanced web tracking

Gain valuable insights from visitors to your website with advanced web tracking. From acquiring regional reports and visitor demographics, to knowing how, where and when they visit.

Enhanced link attribution

User Generated Content (UGC) doesn’t have to take the form of videos, images or blog posts, it could be an answer to a question for example. We can aggregate these questions and use them as UGC.

Advanced data visualisation

Before social media, getting noticed by the right people could be a drag. From sourcing contact details of the right people, to getting a reply, all was a time consuming process. Not any longer!

Advanced analytic reports

Monitoring interaction provides measurable insights about a campaign. By analysing statistics, we can identify and monitor levels of engagement to help plan and develop content strategy.