Email Marketing (eMarketing)

Email marketing is a stylish way to affirm brand ethics or to draw attention to a timely piece of news, like a sale for example. Even without any news, a beautifully designed email reminds a userbase that you are open for business.

Email marketing directly communicates a commercial message to a to a potential or current customer or group of people using email. From using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations , email marketing campaigns build loyalty, trust and / or brand awareness for the purpose of enhancing relationships with current, previous or prospective customers. This encourages new and repeat business as well as increasing traffic.

Email marketing audience

Not every email is going to be relevant to all on your mailing list or database! Fortunately we can segment recipients so content is relevant to your audience across various groups or categories.

Search Engine Optimization

Mailing lists

Whether you would like to send your newsletter to an individual, the masses or segments of a particular mailing list, rest assured we'll send the right message to predefined recipients.

Content generation

From uniformity (ensuring your newsletter is consistent with your brand), to creating graphics that are compatible across multiple devices, our content increases Call-To-Action rates.

Social integration

Although email marketing campaigns are focused around individuals, groups and categories, our approach to exclusivity encourages recipients to share content on their social networks.

Mailouts & testing

Sending an email to hundreds or thousands of recipients can be a daunting task. Rest assured we'll triple check content and thoroughly test your campaign before any scheduled mailout.

Engagement analysis report

Monitoring interaction provides measurable insights about a newsletter. From identifying who's read your email, to recording Call To Actions (CTA), we'll monitor the success of your campaign.