Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides a vehicle to gain attention, increase website traffic and build relationships with existing and prospective customers in an open environment.

Not only do we create content that attracts attention, we encourage readers to share it with others. A message spreads from user-to-user, resonating because it has come from a trusted, third-party source instead of somebody saying it themselves. Marketing this way promotes word-of-mouth and a buzz around a project, product or service naturally, instead of forced paid advertising. This adds trust to a message. How will social media increase productivity? Here's six reasons...

Feedback from customers

Social media is used to comment and leave feedback about brands and individuals. From conversations about your service and products to Q&A's, having a presence is essential.

Search Engine Optimization

Open correspondence

Social media channels have become a place to host public, open conversations. Transparency with customers here will not only improve customer relations, but services too.

Sharing made easy

With various social media platforms and tools at our disposal, spreading the word has never been easier. From making service announcements, to throwing on a sale, others can now easily share.

User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) doesn’t have to take the form of videos, images or blog posts, it could be an answer to a question for example. We can aggregate these questions and use them as UGC.

Network with others

Before social media, getting noticed by the right people could be a drag. From sourcing contact details of the right people, to getting a reply, all was a time consuming process. Not any longer!

Engagement Analysis

Monitoring interaction provides measurable insights about a campaign. By analysing statistics, we can identify and monitor levels of engagement to help plan and develop content strategy.